Sacred Womens Circle

Women’s circles have been prevalent in society for many years. Women have always gathered around the full moon to support each other’s natural rhythms, set intentions and transform together.

Kate Schubert has been running Women’s circles in Sydney since 2014 and will be offering these in Oatley in 2018.

These groups will consist of Yin yoga – to support our natural syncing with the moon’s energy and exploration of the feminine splits that occur in each of us in modern society. These poses allow for deeper holding and stretching that support awareness of the subtle body and connective tissue, such as the fascia,ligaments and joints. Energetically it combines the powerful ancient modalities of Vedic, Buddhism, Taoism and Meridian theory to support growth and transformation.

We will also follow the flow of the full moon each month and the themes that arise from each moon. We will invite creativity in to this process to allow for playfulness, spontaneity and above all, our highest truth. This creative play will help us to identify our stories in the world and how they may hold us back or support us to thrive.

Spirit animal, Tarot and mother earth cards will be included each month to allow us a visual representation of the stories that underpin our worlds.

Come join in community to support growth together.


DATES 2018

28th September

26th October 

16th November

21st September

Connect the dots Oatley



6:15 – 8:30pm



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