Full Moon Sacred Circles

Over the past 4 years we have run women circles only, however, we are trusting in this vision to be more inclusive and open these circles to the men in our community.

Circles have been prevalent in society for many years. Women and men have always gathered around the full moon to support each other’s natural rhythms, set intentions and transform together. Every person plays a vital part in each other’s journey’s and the opening of a circle allows for the interconnected-ness to become more apparent. To feel in to the space of community and that we need each other to evolve and grow.

These groups will consist of Yoga or Meditation.

Yoga will support our natural syncing with the moon’s energy and exploration of the feminine splits that occur in each of us in modern society. These poses allow for deeper holding and stretching that support awareness of the subtle body and connective tissue, such as the fascia, ligaments and joints. Energetically it combines the powerful ancient modalities of Vedic, Buddhism, Taoism and Meridian theory to support growth and transformation.

Meditation is a practice that supports the cultivation of awareness of self and the world, it does not need to consist of a sitting practice and these circles will explore the different ways of meditating.

The yoga will be followed by a specific way of entering in to circle together. This will be a safe exploratory space held by experienced facilitators such as Kate Schubert, Emma Hayes and other facilitators. Kate has facilitated women’s circles in Sydney since 2014 and brings her wisdom and professional experience of Yoga teaching, Reiki, Tarot, Coaching and Psychotherapy to bring a safe and growth-oriented space. Emma provides a safe, nurturing and welcoming space throughout her circles.

With a love of learning and delving deeper than small talk/surface level stuff, Emma guides men and women to explore topics and themes based on the energy of the time. The intention of the circles is to educate, empower and quite often result in healing together in connection. Emma comes from a varied background of supporting people. Having worked as a social worker, teacher, parent educator and yoga teacher. Her passion is helping other’s to feel empowered and well, offering support to let go of limitations and live life fully.

We will follow the flow of the full moon each month and the themes that arise from each moon. We will invite creativity into this process to allow for playfulness, spontaneity and above all, our highest truth. This creative play will help us to identify our stories in the world and how they may hold us back or support us to thrive.

Come join in community to support growth together.


DATES 2019

14th June
19th July
16th August
13th September
11th October
15th November
13th December

Connect the Dots Oatley


6:30pm – 8:30pm



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