Terms & Conditions

Connect the Dots – Terms and Conditions for writing & commenting on our site

  1. We have all rights on our website to the content.
  2. By submitting your piece of writing, you acknowledge that connect the dots will possibly redistribute the works for publishing on Facebook,Instagram,Pinterest,Twitter or any other social media outlet.
  3. By publishing your personal work you acknowledge that you are responsible for providing up to date information about yourself and the information you are providing.
  4. You also responsible for the information provided and acknowledge that we are not responsible for consequences of the information being shared in any capacity.
  5. You agree that the content provided will always be in line with the connects the dot philosophies and will always remain within a positive way of writing without harming others.
  6. If any material is unlawful then connect the dots may be required under law to submit that information to authorities.
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