I stepped onto the path of yoga in my early twenties as a last resort when the mould that I knew as myself started to crack and I needed to heal. During this time, a chronic panic attack disorder shattered my self esteem, stunted my ability to socialise and  left me asking if I have it all, why aren’t I happy?

Today at 31, I have grown into the person I dreamed of being 10 years ago; confident, content and embodied.

The comfort I feel in my own skin has been fed by my nurturing yoga practice and continuing to turn inwards, especially when it’s hard and i’d rather scroll on instagram, watch TV or whatever weapon of self distraction is available.

I believe it is through the body work of yoga asana, calming effects of pranayama, clarifying qualities of stillness and the subtle shifts of energies and attitudes through mantra and mudra that we can become whomever we are destined to be as we uncover truth.

Beginning my studies in the method of hatha vinyasa under the guidance of Kate Kendall, I have continued to deepen my understanding of yoga through practice and inquiry.

I’m also trained in the inclusive style of yin yoga and currently completing another 150 hours advanced teaching.

My offering is a holistic practice that combines philosophical threads and energetic techniques that support support physical, emotional and energetic transformation that open the door to live vibrantly and harmoniously within the world and self.