My professional background began in project administration and coordination within the engineering and telecommunication industries.  However, wellbeing has always been the main area of interest for me, not just my own wellbeing but also others.

This persistent curiosity led me to undertake 3 years of study in Counselling. This training enabled me to combine both my administration skills and clinical learnings to support other students engaged in counselling/psychotherapy education. Being a people person, I decided to engage in more study that focused on learning about others.  Currently, I am undertaking a Degree in Social Science, majoring in Anthropology.

Anthropology, in short, is the study of culture. This study has provided me with the opportunity to expand my perspective in ways that I never could have imagined.  I have been exposed to many viewpoints on how people understand and navigate living in this world.  Over time I have noticed that I am less surprised and more in awe of the creative, innovative, diverse and interesting ways people move through life and transition through times of change.

I am currently employed with the National Centre for Childhood Grief, a not-for-profit organisation that provides counseling to bereaved children and adults. NCCG provides a service that I personally and professionally feel privileged to be able to support.  I am grateful to be working in an environment that is meaningful, purposeful and supports others to find and learn new ways to navigate life.