Mummas, Family & Kids Yoga

These Classes are held at Connect the Dots Studio in Oatley & are run by Kathy Grace & Lisa Brooker

For all enquiries, bookings and information regarding class times & schedule please contact Kathy Grace


Prenatal Yoga

Pregnancy creates new demands due to your ever-changing body.  Your pregnant body is naturally and miraculously in a heightened state of awareness and creativity.  Taking time to pause from the strain of the day to day activity to connect with your body enables you to experience and enjoy this journey.Yoga helps to bring balance to your body, increasing strength and tone, while creating flow and reducing stiffness and tension.We include pranayama (breathing) practices, movement, strengthening and relaxation. We also include suggestions and ideas you can use during labour and the birth of your baby.We have worked with hundreds and hundreds of beautiful pregnant women as we specialise in Prenatal Yoga and Yoga for Women, and we love it!We also offer Couples Pregnancy & Birth Preparation Workshops.

Postnatal Yoga

This class combines Postnatal yoga with Baby yoga, so you both get to experience a yoga class! The intention of this class is the renew, restore and invigorate you!

Our focus in the class is to heal and strengthen the Mums body after birth. Helping to strengthen the back and stomach and improve pelvic tone. This is done in a nurturing and understanding environment where you and your baby can explore your connection while moving, breathing and relaxing.

We also do some Baby yoga, (which can be lots of fun and giggles), where we begin to gently move your baby’s body, which helps to re-align the spine and encourage growth and development.

In each class we include some relaxation time for you and your baby to restore your energy.

If you have had a Ceasarian we would suggest waiting 12 weeks

Kids & Family Yoga

Yoga for kids introduces yoga in a fun, non-competitive environment where the emphasis is on kids enjoying and respecting who they are.  They learn to nourish themselves, build strength, confidence, balance, concentration and techniques for relaxation that they can take through life with them.

Family yoga classes are a truly special experience because they allow the whole family to enjoy yoga together.  In these classes children see mum and dad enjoying being active, challenging themselves and relaxing, and the kids themselves are introduced to yoga alongside the most important people in their lives.  There is a special connection that occurs when families share yoga together and the skills learnt on the mat can be taken home and woven into family life.

Kathy Grace

Kathy Grace

Kathy graduated as a Naturopath in 1994 and completed her Yoga Teacher Training in 1999. Kathy was first introduced to yoga by a very dear friend in 1992…


Lisa Brooker

Hello!  I am a trained Primary and Early Childhood Teacher and have been working with children and families for almost 20 years.  I tried yoga a few times during my…