Mummas, Family & Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga

Yoga classes just for kids are a fun way to develop and nurture important physical and emotional skills in a supportive, non-competitive environment.  But best of all: they are so much fun!  Yoga poses are integrated with music, dance, partner and group exercises, games, stories and much more.  Children are encouraged to respect and be aware of their bodies and they learn valuable relaxation skills.  Yoga for kids can help to build strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, creativity, cooperation, concentration and confidence.  Ideal for kids who want to learn how to be calm and focused while having fun.

Mums & Bubs

A yoga class designed to nurture new mums where babies are welcome and included in the practice.  In these classes, new mums can stretch and strengthen tired postnatal bodies while connecting with their little ones.  Classes include some baby massage and postures with and without bub and finish with relaxation.  Ideal for mums who have had their 6 week check up, to mums with babies of about 12 months old.

Family Yoga

In these classes children, parents and even grandparents can spend quality time together playing and connecting while developing body awareness, strength, balance, flexibility, coordination and self-confidence.

Family yoga classes incorporate music, stories, singing, dress-ups, dancing, games, yoga poses, massage, breathing and relaxation, and are fantastic fun!  Ideal for kids between approximately 2 – 10 years old and at least one adult.  You don’t need any prior yoga experience to come to these classes – just be ready to play!