Intuition is the process of knowing yourself, knowing your boundaries and following your instincts in life


“You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself ” – Alan Alda

The dictionary definition explains intuition as being the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning. Interestingly, fear can often mask intuition- and the two are closely related. When we follow our intuition, the outside world responds to our trust. We don’t avoid any of life’s challenge’s, however we begin to recognise the flow that occurs when we lean ever so gently in to knowing ourselves on a deeper level.

In the modern pace of society, fear and anxiety is growing at rapid rates and often this means the exclusion of one’s own intuition. So how does one tap back in to this part of themselves if it seems to be confused with fear, confusion, shame or guilt?




The most important part is learning to recognise what is fear and intuition. This is a huge task, particularly for those who have experienced profound trauma in their lives. Making it a practice/ritual is incredibly important and continuing the practice/ritual long after the benefits have started to show


To recognise what is fear and intuition, check in with yourself every day. Check your thoughts, explore your emotions, acknowledge the sensations in your body – getting someone like a coach, therapist, kinesiologist who can support all of these


Recognise the stories that you tell yourself that maintain your feeling of stuck-ness.  Usually these look like “I feel so alone”  “I’m not good enough to…”  “I’m not as good as she/he/they are“  “I don’t want to earn a lot of money”   or even “My worth and value is only defined by how much I own”  All of these equate to fear. Intuition will recognise these thoughts as just that – thoughts


Try not to get rid of your thoughts – this is impossible!  Rather, learn to acknowledge all of them as valid information. Become curious and present to what your resistances are trying to tell you



You have to be prepared to let go of the people pleasing, the judgement that comes with decision making or even relationships changing in the face of more empowerment. Unfortunately, not everyone will be happy for your newly primed skills. You will also see a LOT about others that could be difficult. Send love (if you can) and keep doing what you are doing


Learn to discern. If your intuition shows up people that do NOT have your best interests at heart, it is MORE then ok to create healthy boundaries or spend less time with them



Find the tribe that really love and challenge you to maintain your intuition. These people are clear and feel ok to have difficult conversations with you, they show their vulnerability in the willingness of being in relationship with you and accept your human-ness. They are like gold!



Mostly, create routines that work for you and keep practising