Finding the right therapist and yoga class can sometimes be a challenge

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Kate’s training and knowledge of eating disorders, anxiety and yoga has meant that I have not only learnt yoga but I have been supported psychologically aswell – which I have not had in previous yoga classes.

I have been seeing Kate for over a year now for regular Yoga sessions. Kate’s gentle, compassionate nature helped me to feel comfortable and safe from the very beginning.



Kate – thank you so much for my beautiful reading. I resonated so deeply with the cards that came up. They affirmed what I had been feeling – that I need to go back to being self-employed. My reading was all about success in self-employment, trust, following my intuition and new beginnings.

Kate is one of my favourite people to work with! She skilfully delivers information in a warm and nurturing manner, which I find so comforting. I have experienced her readings as full of deep wisdom. I have left each session feeling wrapped in love and blessings, not to mention full of gratitude for a stunningly accurate insight.

THANK YOU!! Thank you for whatever it is that you helped me with, what you showed me, what you made me feel. THANK YOU!! I have never experienced anything like that before!! I am still in awe of meeting you and your presence. You have opened my eyes up to a world I once completely shut off.



The best way I can describe Kate is a gentle and loving guide through knowledge and power beyond my understanding. So grateful!  Katerina. H, California, America

Working with Jen this past year has been wonderful! I felt at ease right away as Jen has a lovely, warm and caring presence. Coaching with Jen has provided me with many epiphanies about my life! The questions I was asked were very contemplative. These moments of contemplation helped me to be aware of myself in a way that I hadn’t before. I was constantly learning about myself. In times of difficulty, Jen was very encouraging, compassionate and understanding. The homework was a great and necessary element of this process. From the first session a goal was set and the work began from there. Thank you for the support and encouragement, dear Jen! K.V, Sydney



Just wanted to write and say thank you for a beautiful retreat experience on the weekend. It came at the perfect time for me. I feel like I transformed and let go of a lot background noise that has been lingering for a while.

I feel like I am me again and felt very supported by all during this process. The schedule and food were just wonderful! Emily, Southerden Retreat

I can’t express my gratitude about what you have done for me Kate – please keep on sharing what you have with others! I am really excited about what the future and my gifts hold for me. Love and happiness to you.