One of my favourite quotes is by Marianne Williamson. She says,

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us”

Boy this struck a chord, like all powerful things do.

This quote keeps coming back around for me… because it is true. It’s not a light and fluffy inspirational quote or a suck it up and try harder type of quote (which is bullshit btw), this is a quote that is authentic and true and flows into many layers of our society.

How many of us hold back in life because we like to stay in the throes of comfort?

Comfort can be dressed up in many different ways but ultimately it comes back to feeling safe and comfortable and not wanting to upset the status quo of friends, family, work colleagues or society. It also comes in the shape of fear… or an avoidance of stepping into something new out of fear. Instead we choose to ignore, suppress or shame our internal dialogue as being irrelevant and yet, it is often this very dialogue that speaks to us most clearly.



Of course the practicalities and responsibilities can throw us as we get lured into the false sense of security that they offer us. The house, the car, the full-time job etc. These make us feel better for a while and yet the call of our loudest heartbeat still screams out ”What about me? ” And when we finally stop to take notice of this, it is usually on the holiday that takes us away from our day to day life.

For some people this soul searching can be endless. It is not that safety or any of these things are bad. It’s not at all, however it can take a toll mentally, emotionally and physically when the next chapter of our life is presenting and we are no longer listening.

So when the call for growth beckons, how do we know when to take that extra leap or step?

We do this with presence. A full acknowledgement and acceptance of where we are in the present moment. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Quite often growth can be painful. It is uncomfortable and can bring a sense of hopelessness and despair if we are not listening. It can even bring deep seated grief. It may even bring a shame spiral  where thoughts can look a little something like this…

“Why do I feel like this?”

“Why won’t this go away?”

“No one else feels this way, what’s wrong with me?”

…. and the mind identifies this narrative to be true and yet it isn’t. Many people feel painful things all the time or many people learn to suppress this pain with cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, overwork (Hello Sydney!), food or exercise, yes and even spirituality/religion. There are many different layers to the ways in which we avoid these messages.



So how do we use them instead to learn from?  We can allow them to be something that is present without identifying with them. Our egos are not something to run from nor are they ‘bad’.  We actually need the ego and it can be our biggest guide in directing us towards our light. Unfortunately, there isn’t a quick list of how this works nor will it take a short time.

The work is deep. It takes time… sometimes a lot of time. Sometimes even a whole life to un-condition ourselves to see our light beyond the shadows. When we do this though we are unstoppable – fully flowing in the moment with beauty and grace. This is when we are truly accepting of where we are in the present moment.

The only place where real change is possible.