1st Retreat 2018 > 27th, 28th and 29th of July.

 2nd Retreat 2018 > 9th,10th and 11th of November.

Nurture, Learn, Transform and Connect with yourself and others

Connect the Dots offers an expansive retreat, run by qualified individuals where you can get as much or as little out of the experiences on offer. Delve deeper in to self-inquiry as you connect to those around you and the beautiful surrounds and healing lands of the Bellingen Shire on the Mid North Coast.

Our main offerings at these retreats is a heightened personal awareness coaching program created and run by psychotherapists and coaches who integrate embodied and mindfulness activities to support grounded and transformational experiences for individuals. The program runs every day and offers a platform for deeper self-enquiry and exploration that doesn’t need to stop at the retreat. Yoga and Meditation surround this

I feel like I am me again and felt very supported by all during this process. The schedule and food were just wonderful! Emily. Southerden Retreat

The Dots Coaching Program Objectives


The Dots Coaching program supports people to realise their goals/intentions and provides awareness on what may be preventing goals/intentions from becoming a reality.

While achievement of the end goal/intention may be important, the program is designed to raise awareness in the here and now. In doing so, it supports people where possible to bring attention back to the self, to remain in contact with whatever emotions may arise and to track narratives that are either supporting or blocking movement towards a desired direction.

The intention of the coaching program is to enable greater opportunity to choose helpful and skilful responses within life that support an individuals’ goals. Application of this program to both personal and professional situations empowers individuals to gain greater insight into their cognitive and emotional worlds, to integrate new ways of being that are both skilful and supportive and to align with one’s personal integrity, in essence –  to Connect the Dots


The very heart of yoga practice is abhyasa – steady effort in the direction you want to go. Sally Kempton


Practices including; Vinyasa, Yin, Yoga Nidra, Vedic Meditation and Buddhist mindfulness practices

Just wanted to write and say thank you for a beautiful retreat experience on the weekend. It came at the perfect time for me. I feel like I transformed and let go of a lot background noise that has been lingering for a while.


The November retreat will offer the opportunity to engage in daily;

  • Yoga, including yin, restorative, nidra, hatha and flow facilitated by trauma informed teachers
  • Vedic and Buddhist Meditation
  • Creative pursuit/workshops to support further regulation, fun and spontaneity
  • Journaling
  • Mindful and locally produced vegetarian/vegan cooked meals
  • Relaxation
  • Swimming
  • Bushwalks
  • Massage
  • Reiki treatments
  • Clairsentient/clairvoyant readings

As we have a team of people who work together at our retreats, facilitators and workshops will be clarified in more detail two months out from the retreat (and rest assured – if you miss out on this one, we will have another retreat held in the beginning of next year).

Limited Spaces