Body Therapy

Megan seated with hands on woman laying down receiving body therapy

Release Physical and Emotional Tension from Your Body

Tired, stressed and unbalanced? Book in for Body Therapy with Megan.

When the body is under a lot of pressure and stress, either physically or mentally, the sympathetic nervous system is chronically stimulated to combat stress. When the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) is active, the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) takes a back seat. The PNS is the soothing and rejuvenating aspect of our nervous system that activates the body’s natural capacity to heal, replenish and repair. Body Therapy re-engages your ‘rest and digest’ PSN reminding your body how to find a calm state within and release stagnant energy and blockages in the form of physical, mental and emotional tension.

Body Therapy sessions are different for every person and every treatment. I work intuitively in the moment with a foundation of Thai Yoga Massage; a gentle acupressure and rhythmic rocking and rolling to physically release muscles and joints and stimulate blood flow. I work with you to guide your attention into your body to reintegrate your awareness with blocked areas of your body.

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