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Kate Schubert

Hi I'm Kate and I founded Connect The Dots. My dream is to contribute to making our society a more mindful place. Read More
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Claudia Cartillone

Claudia is a yoga teacher living in the Sunshine Coast. She studied Purna (holistic) yoga at The Byron Bay Yoga centre under tuition of John Ogilive. Claudia’s yoga classes are about connecting and practicing kindness, self-love and compassion on and off the yoga mat. With a degree in Psychology, she is passionate about self care and nourishing the mind, body and spirit through living authentically.
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Stephanie Cathcart

Steph is a 30 something year old Sydney girl,who recently returned home after an 8 year stint in Scotland.....with a gorgeous Scotsman in tow. Read More
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Dale Pullin

A vegetarian, atheist, antitheist, secular humanist, some might label him a socialist seditionist. Or even anarchist? Read More
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Laura Munro

I'm a mother of two and a singing teacher. Trying to take a step back and enjoy the every day experiences. Read More
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Kristie Vasili

Hi! My name is Kristie, and I run my own little business, Karuna Wellness Centre where I teach Tai Chi and Meditation classes in Lugarno, here in Sydney. Read More
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Amy Layton

Amy is an empathic, warm therapist who is committed to working with her clients in a multi-disciplinary way in order to cater to the needs of the individual. Her therapeutic approach draws from knowledge and experience from areas including; Person-Centred Practice, Recovery-Oriented Practice, Yoga and Mindfulness Based Practice, and hopes that the therapeutic space will allow a safe place for individuals to reconnect with their Body-Mind. Amy is currently involved in working with the Butterfly Foundation For Eating Disorders, as part of the Support Services team as well as working for the National Eating Disorders Collaboration (NEDC) as a member of the Research sector. She has been involved within the community through her work as a Primary School teacher in both New South Wales and Queensland school, Dance and Performance school and had involvement in various other not-for-profit and community organisations. Amy holds a Bachelor of Social Science (Counselling), Graduate Diploma of Education (Primary) and has completed 500hrs of Yoga Teacher Training Level 2. For more information visit www.body-mind.com.au
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Likes to dream big. Is in touch with his inner child and is a father. Believes that traveling is expansive and has traveled extensively. Is a Kinesiologist completing a masters in Gestalt Psychotherapy. Wonders about what makes us human. Is fascinated by Quantum Physics. Believes in the human energetic field. Has many friends whom he loves. Is loved by many. Loves to dance on tables. Has been tumbled and humbled by the journey of life. And wants to play a big part in humanities healing journey.
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Penny Todman

The Saucha Kitchen Penny ~ yoga teacher + massage therapist + mumma to be - in orange NSW creating wholesome food that is clean and fresh. I am a qualified beauty therapist with a passion for all things organic. Read More
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Rachael Rogan

A qualified teacher having gained certification from Qi yoga in Manly, and is a member of the Yoga Teachers Association of Australia. Rachael also holds a Certificate 111 in Fitness.
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Becky Carver

HI my name is Becky. I am a Hypnotherapist and Art therapist and I am currently completing my Masters in Gestalt Psychotherapy. I am a business owner, a mum, a lover, a friend and a spiritual being having a human experience. I currently live in Newcastle where i run my private practice Creating Pathways. I love yoga, meditation, cooking, baking, dancing, personal development and generally ensuring i am continually growing as a person. Professionally i am forever adding to my tool bag of knowledge and experience in order to provide my clients with an eclectic form of therapy that is suited to the individual needs of each client. I have big dreams, big aspirations and a big heart that is willing to give and share to others. Most importantly it is through our own healing journey that a gateway is provided for others to heal. It is this aspect of the journey of life that i am most passionate about. I look forward to sharing my thoughts, ideas and inspiration and i am filled with excitement to be a part of this amazing adventure at Connect The Dots!
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Jen Orenstein

At thirty two years old, Jenny has walked through some of the fiercest fires imaginable. She has survived anorexia nervosa, depression, thyroid cancer, divorce, left unfulfilling careers, and has reinvented herself, completely – many times over. Today, as an intuitive life coach, kinesiologist & mentor she stands for one message “You can survive anything. You can be anything. And it’s never too late to start over.” When she’s not helping clients to build happier, healthier lives, and become their own best friend, you can find Jenny leading her own joyful life: spending time with her man, relaxing on the beach, taking a yoga class, drinking a green juice or finding the best coffee in Sydney. Connect with Jenny & take the first step towards a life of greater joy, at www.jennyorenstein.com or jenny@jennyorenstein.com
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